Our central operating principle combines the passionate dedication of earlier craftsmen with modern technology to construct independent stone residences, always respecting the traditional architecture of Mani.

Our years of experience will assist you in customizing your residence according to your personal taste. Our company has a large number of architectural plans, which can help you decide on the size and layout of your house and even on the type of roof you desire.

As regards residences already under construction, you may select, depending on the construction stage, different materials, interior layouts, flooring materials, etc., to suit your own personal taste.

We use stone as the main building material, both for the exterior as well as the interior walls. This is a characteristic feature of the region that harmoniously integrates the development with the landscape.

Residences are divided into ergonomically arranged levels (each with its own private entrance), connected with an interior staircase. The Total floor area starts at 100 m2. Depending on size, a residence has from one to three bedrooms and up to two bathrooms. The comfortable, sunny living rooms have fireplaces, which complement the wonderful ambience created by the view over the Gulf of Messinia. Finally, the kitchens can be designed according to your own needs and requirements.

Each residence has been designed to provide all the comforts of a contemporary lifestyle, such as double-glazed windows and central heating. Security doors, alarm and surveillance systems, cable and satellite television, internet, solar water heaters, etc. are also available.

The residences have one or more exterior verandas, which can also be covered, providing unparalleled views. The private gardens, none smaller than 500 m2, are also terraced, thus allowing for a variety of uses: planting trees, barbequing, children's playgrounds, installing pergolas, etc.

The garden boundaries, the outside enclosure, as well as the roads are delimited by stone walls, creating a settlement reminiscent of another era. The final touch to this picturesque image is a stone built Greek Orthodox church, which adds a touch of reverence to the magnificent landscape. Continuing our stroll through the many public spaces-ideal for walking-we end up on the border of the gorge with its breathtaking view. There is an opening at this precise spot, which can serve as an emergency heliport.

We always keep your individual needs in mind when analyzing and designing each residence to create a unique environment, because for us, every customer is unique.